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SEO and Digital Marketing with Results
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Modern Branding & SEO

Every modern online business needs SEO, and we believe they should all have access to it. We offer exceptional SEO services tailored to meet individual needs and to get results.

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Backlinks & Sponsorship

We operate a network of sites, offering sponsorship on all of them. Our writers also contribute for the web’s biggest brands, which allows us to offer unrivaled off-page SEO for all.

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Exceptional Content

We’re not just SEO experts, we’re also writers–renowned freelancers, journalists and published authors. This allows us to offer the best press releases and copy, and to excel with outreach and editorials.

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A Price for Everyone

We work with businesses of all sizes and budgets and have something to offer them all. So, get in touch to find out what we can do for you, whether it’s a full-scale SEO assault, or a few backlinks from the Huff Post.

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Digital Marketing with a Personal Touch

Compulsion Media own a wealth of high-performing websites across a range of genres. Our team of renowned writers and journalists can also guarantee placements on sites like YourTango and Huff Post. This is off-page SEO at its best, but we are so much more than that and can help with all aspects of SEO, while also helping to increase brand awareness.

  • Keyword research to help with content, domains, URL structure, tags, internal linking and more.

  • Do-follow backlinks on high-authority websites that are relevant to the brand.

  • Exposure for your brand via placements on our websites.

  • Can't setup a website, send a press-release or write an article? Our experts can do it for you.

Who We Are

SEO Experts Working For You

The hard working men and women behind Compulsion Media cut their teeth as freelance writers and editors. They wrote for some of the world’s biggest websites and brands and soon realized that SEO was more in demand than eye-catching copy or entertaining content.

They began investing their time into honing their SEO skills and within a few years they were putting those skills to good use, helping big brand improve their recognition and ensuring that start-ups go the respect they deserved.

As writers, the CM team can provide exceptional copy that ticks all boxes with regards to SEO, but is also entertaining, informative, and exactly what your business needs.

PJ Aitken

Project Manager. Head of Content Creation.
Published author and successful freelance writer. Aitken’s focus has always been on quality content written with SEO in mind.

Lilith C

Head Designer, Art Director
With a keen eye for detail and an unmatched talent for design, Lilith’s work is crucial in promoting a brand and creating an appealing and engaging aesthetic.

Alfie Cooper

Head Developer & Programmer
Alfie has worked on every single one of the Compulsion Media sites. He is always on hand to help with HTML, Java, CSS and more, ensuring everything works behind the scenes.

Ezra White

Head Advisor.
Ezra has worked as a freelance writer for many years and understands the complexities of SEO as well as anyone.

Shana Stewart

Content Creation Team
Shana has worked on all aspects of content creation and is an integral part of the CM team, helping to create on-page content and ensuring the needs of the client are met at each turn.

Megan Simmons

Content Creation Team
Another big part of the Content Creation team, the bulk of Megan’s work has come on CM’s recreational/hobby websites. She is always read to go when called upon.

Hugo Sheldon

Hugo helps to secure placements for press releases, editorials and guest posts, all of which are essential for building brands.


Praise for Compulsion Media and its founder, PJ Aitken.

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